Recycled Aggregates


Raw materials are a finite resource and Cullimore’s is constantly sourcing aggregate suitable for recycling. Investing time and money into finding the best technologies to help reduce the burden on valuable virgin materials.

We can produce a range of products from fill sand to fill material on request. We are also able to produce a 10, 20 & 40mm single size material. All products are subject to availability.


Growth in the demand for recycled aggregates has been steadily increasing since the early 1990’s. The UK is fortunate in having an abundant supply of primary aggregates that can be sourced from numerous sites throughout the country. However, there has been growing pressure on the industry to move towards more sustainable construction methods and reduce the consumption of primary aggregates by switching to recycled or secondary aggregates.


The Cullimore group continuously strives to maintain a sustainable preservation of resources and provide land protection for the future. We pride ourselves in our on-going environment restoration programme of land and post aggregate extraction. Click onto our Environment page for more information and photos.