Cullimore Farming


The Cullimore Group is a business with a rich farming heritage – the family were farmers long before our first truck made its way out onto Gloucestershire’s roads.

While Roger Cullimore strived to keep the farm operational, milk prices meant that a dairy farm of circa 300 cattle could not remain a viable commercial entity. In 2019, however, the farming side of our business came roaring back into life.

Under the leadership of Moreton F Cullimore – the grandson of our founder, Moreton C Cullimore – barley, wheat and maize, are all being harvested by Cullimore Group machines again. Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Charolais Cows are farmed for pork and beef respectively and eggs sourced from local Cotswold Legbar and Burford Brown chickens.

Our prized Wagyu and Angus meat is stocked at carefully selected delicatessens within the area.

All produce carries the ‘Red Tractor’ logo, the widely established mark of quality seen on supermarket shelves to reassure customers it has met (and indeed, exceeded) stringent standards in the farming of traceable, safe food and drink.

Recently, we have explored the possibility of working farmland elsewhere in the Cotswolds, keeping the heritage of our company a key part of our future ambitions.

Call Our Gloucester Office for more information

01452 740 704

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